Krav Maga


About Krav Maga

Shoothouse USA hosts Krav Maga Arkansas. Krav Maga is the most effective self defense system offered today. It is easily learned and implemented quickly.This system is accessible to anyone, regardless of age, size, or physical condition who is interested in learning self defense techniques and desires to protect themselves and their loved ones.


Krav Maga Arkansas
Instructor: Kevin Brown - Director IKMF Arkansas
Every Tues night at Shoothouse USA in Conway
Times: 6pm and 7pm

Often times we are unable to quickly get to a self defense weapon due to the closeness of the attacker. Krav Maga will show you how to use hands and feet to create space to either escape or to access a deadly weapon IF the circumstances warrant its use. 


Cost: $30 per Visit
6 Visit Punch Card $120
(pay at the door) 

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For More Information contact
Kevin Brown at